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Yoo Sung Lee

New York, The U.S.A.

Yoo Sung Lee

 Yoo Sung Lee (pen name, Aram) is a practitioner of Hangeul (or Hangul; the Korean script) calligraphy in the scholarly tradition.  Over forty years ago, he started as one of a handful of individuals who would continue the mental discipline that had been the Korean way of life for two thousand years.  At age 17, he became one of the three male disciples of Lee Chul-kyung, a master calligrapher who, together with Kim Chung-hyun, standardized the Hangeul script (in Gungche style).  While Hangeul calligraphy enjoyed a major revival with the Hanryu (Korean wave) movement since the late 1990’s, Yoo Sung Lee remains one of a handful of individuals continuing the practice of perfecting the written word since prior to that time.  He has also contributed to the shaping of Hangeul calligraphy’s unique ki, or “dynamic energy,” in contemporary practice.  He has taught, lectured, and demonstrated widely, including at the New York Hall of Science, Good Morning America (ABC Network Television), the Tenri Cultural Institute, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Yale University, and the Art Student League of New York.  Since an invitational exhibition at the Sejong Cultural Center of Seoul in 1993, he has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in the U.S., France, China, and Korea.  He is a member of the Korean American Calligraphy Association, Art of Ink in America Society (President), and a founding member of the Aram Hangeul Calligraphy Group.  His most recent show includes a solo exhibit in a co-curatorial role at Yale University’s Sterling Memorial Library entitled, The Splendor of Hangeul: The Korean Script in Calligraphy and Print (January-March, 2009).  He has also recently authored an introduction to Korean calligraphy in The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy (Christopher Calderhead and Holly Cohen-Roochvarg, eds., 2011).  He says of his work: “My vision derives direct inspiration from nature, not just from the letter.  The more I look at nature, the more my work changes.  Then the letters reappear in the energy of nature that my brush tries to express.”

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