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Paola Billi

Firenze, Italy

Paola Billi

Florence based creative director at Kachina, artist and Chinese
calligraphy master at the FeiMo Contemporary Calligraphy school
in Florence and Milan, creator of the femaleproject research and
study project for Far Eastern calligraphy,

Paola Billi 宝拉  比利 ( 西子) is often invited to the most significant
international han calligraphy shows. Awarded the special
judge's prize at the Jeollabukdo Calligraphy Biennale 2007,
she represented Italy at the 8th International Calligraphy
Exchange Exhibition, which was held in Beijing
to celebrate the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games.

Thanks to invites to International calligraphy exhibitions she often travels
to Eastern Asia and collaborates with various artists and academic masters.

The latest recognition came from Beijing Beida University,
in the form of “excellent international teacher” and with the commission
of calligraphic works by Qinghua University for 100th Anniversary of the
Foundation of the Qinghua University of Beijing.

She has also been appointed as the Vice President of the International Calligraphers Association Chinese Headquarters and the President of the International Calligraphers Association Italian Headquarters.


佛罗伦萨Kachina艺术总监,汉字书法艺术家及佛罗伦萨、米兰斐墨当代书法学校书法导师,Femaleproject策划项目及远东书法研究项目创始人,宝拉比利经常受 各大国际书法展邀请,2007年获得韩国全罗北道书法双年展的评委会大奖,在2008年庆祝北京奥林匹克运动会开幕暨第8届国际书法交流展代表意大利参 展。由于屡受国际书法展览的邀请,多次游访东亚各国,并于诸多艺术家及从事书法教育的学者教授广泛合作。近期受到的来自中国的荣誉认可包括北京大学授予的 优秀国际教师称号,受邀为清华大学百年校庆进行书法创作,并任国际书法家协会本部副主席、意大利分部主席。

Via della Vigna Vecchia, 7
50122 Firenze




WORKS BY Paola Billi