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Zhang Dawo

, China

Zhang  Dawo

Zhang Dawo Biography  
1943   Born in Beijing, China  
1953 - 1961   Took private calligraphy lessons with Li Henian and Wu Yuru  
   Currently lives and works in Tasmania, Australia  
Selected Exhibitions
2005    INK, Goedhuis Contemporary, New York  
2005    International Modern Calligraphy Exhibition, Zhejiang Province, China  
2004    Contemporary Chinese Artists Exhibition: Calligraphy as resources, AAAA Gallery, Sydney, Australia  
2003    China Invitational Exhibition, Nanjing Province, China  
2003    Contemporary art exhibition: The New Experience in Hanzi and Calligraphy  
2002    Brushes with Surprise: The Art of Calligraphy in Modern China, The British Museum, London, United Kingdom  
2002    Music Without Sound, Goedhuis Contemporary, London, United Kingdom  
2001    Dawo Miaomo Recent Works, American Village Club, Beijing, China  
2000    The Fifth International Chinese Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition, represented Australia, Tapei, Taiwan  
2000    East and West Calligraphic Winds, East and West Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia  
1999    Bashu Parade, Retrospective of Chinese Modern Calligraphy at the End of the 20th Century, Chengdu, China  
1999    At the New Century 1979-1999 Selection of China Contemporary Art Works, Sichuan Province, China  
1998    Celebration of a Decade, Hobart Schoolhouse Gallery, Tasmanian Calligraphy Society, Hobart, Tasmania  
1998    Contemporary Art Exhibition, German Embassy, Beijing, China  
1998    The Contemporary Work of Maobi, The East and West Gallery, Melbourne, Australia  

WORKS BY Zhang Dawo