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Nicola Piccioli

Firenze, Italy

Nicola Piccioli

Nicola Piccioli:

Chairman of the FeiMo Contemporay Calligraphy Cultural Association.

Secretary-General of the International Calligraphers Association,Italian Headquarters

Vice Secretary-General of the International Calligraphers Association,Headquarters

Acclaimed independent scholar of East Asian aesthetics, Nicola Piccioli (pen-name Huoyun) is an artist and teacher in the field of Chinese Calligraphy and Seal Carving.

Together with Paola Billi, he founded the FeiMo Contemporary Calligraphy Cultural Association with the aim of spreading the knowledge and practise of Chinese Calligraphy and Seal Carving throughout the Western world. 

Member of the Ink in America Society and Seal Carving Association, U.S.A.

Often invited to the most significant international han calligraphy show, he represented Italy at the International Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition, held in Beijing to celebrate the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games, and at the 9th International Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition in Nara, Japan 2010.


International recognitions:


Qinghua University Centennial Anniversary Excellent Art and Culture Exhibition

Three Art-work commission in occasion of the Centennial Anniversary.

Qinghua University, Beijing, China 2011.


International Exhibition and Competition of the Calligraphy and Painting Art of the Yanyuan Cup, Beida University of Beijing

Golden Cup, Honorary Credential “Excellent International Teacher”.

Beida University, Beijing, China 2010.


“Humanistic Culture - Chinese Feeling” International Calligraphy Great Competition

“International Price”.

Zibo, China 2009


Artistes de l’écriture chinoise non-asiatique contemporains

Mémoire de Maitrise de Chinois, année 2006-2007.

Institut National de Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO), Paris, France


1st International Calligraphy Competition of the Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore

“Excellent Stile Price”.

Singapore, 2006

Nicola Piccioli - FeiMo Contemporary Calligraphy

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50124 Firenze Italy

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